noun (C) a word for someone who disagrees with some parts of a system of political beliefs, used to show disapproval — deviationism noun (U) device /dI'vaIs/ noun (C)
1 PIECE OF EQUIPMENT a piece of equipment intended for a particular purpose, for example for recording or measuring something
(+ for): a useful device for detecting electrical activity | modern labour-saving devices —see machine 1
2 leave sb to their own devices to leave someone alone to do whatever they want: I just gave her a brush and paints, and left her to her own devices.
3 PLAN/TRICK a plan or trick, especially for a dishonest purpose: Their proposal was only a device to confuse the opposition.
4 SPECIAL METHOD a special way of doing something that makes it easier to do: Testing yourself with information on cards is a useful device for studying.
5 BOMB a bomb or other explosive weapon: an explosive device
6 LITERATURE/THEATRE the special use of words in literature, or of words, lights etc in a play, to achieve an effect: Metaphor is a common literary device.
7 PICTURE technical a picture or design used by a noble 1 (3) family as their sign: the device on his shield

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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